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Have certain structures become deformed or torsioned?
How big is the difference between the hot and cold state of the installation?
Is the deformation within set standards?
Does the existing condition match the design?

Some situations require more specific verifications. In-depth analyses of 3D point clouds provide an answer to these questions.

3D laser scanning for analyses

We use a 3D laser scanner to measure pipes, steel structures, roofs and more from distance without the need for scaffolding. The scans are processed into an accurate 3D point cloud of the installation.

Once the point cloud has been processed, we start to analyse any deformations. This can vary from a one-off to periodic analysis, depending on the information required.

Reasons for analysis:

  • To determine the roundness of tanks
  • To determine the verticality of distillation columns
  • To determine deformations following a fire or explosion
  • Settlement measurements
  • To map roof structures
  • Torsion measurements on flanges
  • Comparison between design and existing condition
  • Comparison between cold and hot states

Reporting of deviations

The client receives a report of any deviations. The client can use this accurate information as a basis for making substantiated decisions and preparing engineering projects.

The 3D point cloud and 360° photos taken for the analysis can also be supplied. These may be used for subsequent periodic analyses.

Example: Comparison with design

Analysis of a tank rafter. Comparison of a section of the point cloud with the design.

Example: Torsion measurement on a flange

Analysis of the deformation on a flange following an explosion. The purpose of this measurement is to make a replacement component to fit the deformed flange as quickly as possible.

Example: verticality measurement of four towers

Annual measurement of the verticality of four towers. Comparison of settlements with the previous year. The deviation was checked at eight different reference heights distributed over the total height of the towers.

Verticality measurement of four towers

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