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Basic Engineering

Laser scanning and modelling offers the solution when there are no accurate drawings of tanks, piping, machinery, etc. available, or when they are no longer up to date.


2D plans and 3D models

The laser scanner measures every detail with a high degree of accuracy. These scans are processed into a 3D point cloud of the scanned environment. This point cloud forms the basis for drawing 2D plans and 3D models. It is not necessary to model the entire space. We determine which parts need to be plotted or modelled in consultation with the client.

The as-built drawings and models are supplied in accordance with the client’s usual standard. If a local reference system is used on the site, we can match the point cloud, plans and models to it. Our land surveyors ensure an accurate positioning of all data.



Accurate isometries are the basis for piping within the industry. But plotting and detailing isometries is not a straightforward matter. We use laser scans of the piping to generate an accurate 3D model from which isometries can be created. These isometries can be used in both engineering and construction.

3D model and isometry for piping

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