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Clash detection

Does the design fit in the available space?
Does the new part conflict with the existing installation?
Can I get a large object to where it needs to be installed?


Current status of a space or installation

When an industrial installation or space needs to be converted or additions need to be made, it is imperative to know what is in that space. Some machines, instruments, pipes, platforms and stairways, for example, often only have outdated drawings available, which do not provide sufficient certainty. The creation of a 3D point cloud with 3D laser scanning provides accurate and detailed insights into the existing situation.

Early identification of conflict between design and existing condition

We don’t even need to create a 2D plan or 3D model of the installation. We identify any conflicts by combining the 3D point cloud of the room or installation with the CAD design. The design can then be modified in these places.

This method prevents any conflicts and unforeseen circumstances in the project execution and installation on site.

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